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Tim Krenz wins at Squaw Creek

Squaw Creek was a crowded, crazy, hot mess this weekend but Tim Krentz managed to pull off a win on Sunday with an impressive 14lb 14oz sack that was good for 1st place. Jimmy Thurman weighed in 5 fish Sunday for 2nd place at 13lbs 13oz. Donnie Meyer was 3rd with 5 fish weighing 13lbs 5oz. Tim and Donnie had cookie cutter 3lb 14oz big bass kickers and will split the Big Bass pot. Congratulations to all who participated and did or did not weigh fish. See you in 2020!

GBC Monthly Results for December 2019 for Squaw Creek

Last Name First Name# of FishFish Weight Pound/OunceBig Bass Weight
Krentz Tim514/143/14
Thurman Jimmy513/13/
Meyer Donny513/53/14
Metheny Terry512/14/
DeRouen Keeton511/13/
Jackson Tom511/13/
Scott Brandon511/11/
Weatherly Jeff511/3/
Jones John59/9/
Bumham Chase58/13/
Castle Jake58/12/
Fitzpatrick Bill58/5/
Bibb Clay46/12/
Timm Shane24/8/
Roberts Bill12/2/
Novak Timmy11/13/
Braddy Jamie0//
DeRouen John0//

Squaw creek Team Results

Team MembersWeight
1. Tim/Jeff26Ibs 1oz
2. Tom/John21Ibs 6oz
3. Clay/Jack15Ibs 8oz
4. Shane/Bill6Ibs 10oz

Dec. 2019 YTD

Dec. 2019 Team YTD